VR Porn and Mastering New Techniques in Sex

In all areas of life and knowledge, we strive to expand horizons, look for new angles, experience new sensations, ask questions, but as soon as it comes to sex, we are told that the menu should be strictly limited.

How virtual reality porn can contribute to exploring and enriching your sexuality? Here are some ideas on the subject in question:

  • Many say that the new generation is more engaged in anal sex and titty fucking than before. That the popularity of oral sex is a direct result of the sexual revolution and porn availability. But we understand that all this was not invented by regular or VR porn producers. Studios simply participated in the popularization of these practices.
  • VR Pornography gives a lot of possibilities to practicing something new in sex. Especially, because it’s the safest ever way. It’s bad when we don’t explain to young people how important mutual consent to sex is. This is what leads to unethical relationships, not pornography.
  • Some users prefer not to think about morality when talking about the content of a sexual nature. Do you guess that VR sex can badly influence your sexual life imposing some things? And what’s the point? People have always wanted and will want to meet and make love, right? When you communicate with someone via the Internet, you do not know who is on the other side of the screen. Some people very quickly build intimate relationships, but the same thing happens when you meet someone offline and feel a real connection.
  • Now through glasses and helmets, clients can learn something really new and unique without live contact with other people. They may test new poses and techniques, pay attention to details.  
  • Almost all market players agree that porn in virtual reality is a breakthrough because sensations are much more realistic than watching someone make love on a 2D screen. “Clients want much more,” ays producers. – They want real emotions. They want something that will save them from feeling lonely in life. Customers don’t just want to have an orgasm. They want to get in touch with someone. ”
  • As industry insiders say, the new industry called “teledildonics” will best complement this experience. Their high-tech toys will connect to phones and computers via Wi-Fi and synchronize with the VR video, simulating the feeling of real sex.
  • Many of us have fantasies about intimacy with the porn actor, but this will not happen – claim sexologists. If you use teledildonics in VR porn, you can not only be in the same bed with your favorite porn star but also get real oral sex from her or him.

So nowadays production companies are trying to make their content more visible and audible so that the sense of authenticity really appeals to clients.