Porn Watching Reduces the Number of Crimes

Nowadays, more and more people are realizing that there is nothing wrong about watching porn. Due to the recent boom in technologies and the Internet, adult content is available almost everywhere.

However, opponents and religious bigots are relentlessly exclaiming that porn provokes violence in society; it is immoral; it humiliates women and leads to sexual offenses. Due to such an attention to the topic, there have been a huge amount of researches devoted to the influence of porn on the psychological state of people as well as their behavioral consequences.

Results of Research are Unexpectedly Startling

One can find it surprising, but pornography does not encourage sexual abuses and harassments. Truly, most of the criminals who have committed sexual abuses watched porn. Though, more than 90% of men and women enjoy watching adult films.

Despite the fact that most inmates have watched porn, the other research proved that punishment for viewing pornography is much more likely to push a potential abuser to offenses and violence. Mostly, men raised in repressive families with strict religious morals tend to commit sexual crimes.

Pornography itself cannot be the reason for sexual offense or raping. If a person is psychologically prone to such deeds and is in a risk group, watching porn movies is just adding fuel to the fire. Of course, it is quite hard to believe in such statistical data as the topic is very intimate and some of the respondents may have been not completely fair.

The best way to prove any theory is to provide evidence. The historical facts will drastically change your mind about pornography. In all the countries, after the cancellation of the laws prohibiting pornography, the quantity of sexual crimes has considerable decreased:

  • After porn legalization in Denmark, children abuses decreased by 7 times.
  • In Sweden and Germany, the number of sexual offenses reduced by 11%. The number of group rapes decreased by 59%, the total amount of rapes – by 33%.
  • The most impressive example is Japan. Japanese pornography contains sadomasochistic scenes. After the legalization of pornography, the number of sexual offenses decreased dramatically. Obviously, the Japanese are relieving stress and sexual tension without the translation of those into action in real life.

Getting rid of all the doubts, there is a big advantage in such a hasty growth of the porn industry. It guards the safety of society, especially those who require our permanent protection. Certainly, this means of protection has some drawbacks. Though, in the issue of sexual crimes, these flaws can be forgiven.