Development of Fantasy While Watching VR Porn

Everyday fantasy is our reaction to an event in the outside world. It is woven into the context of a daily routine, and we constantly do it, but do not pay special attention to such fantasies.

Sometimes adults, like children, fantasize for fun, because they are bored. For example, a person goes to the subway, and he (she) does not have a newspaper or a book, but there is energy inside. He begins to look at those who are sitting opposite. Both men and women often indulge in fantasizing about those who they looked at.

Here some possible scenarios:

  • Adults may create imaginary friends, but they rarely talk about it: because of a fear that they will be accepted as mentally ill.
  • Females very often “dress up” those who, in their opinion, are poorly or tastelessly dressed. At the same time, they mentally try on the clothes of those around them. It’s a bit like the girls cut out paper dolls and put different paper dresses on them.
  • Men often – much more often than women – come up with fantasy biographies to people sitting opposite – complex, thoughtful, with many details. Men love to mentally undress women and imagine how they look without clothes. However, ladies do not admit to such fantasies towards men.

VR porn industry envisages a lot of options to your imagination. While hundreds of developers are working on helmet apps, some startups claim they want to put viewers in their favorite adult films. The companies work with motion-capture studios in Los Angeles to produce original VR-optimized content that will take full advantage of Rift technology.

Ideally, they would like to use interactivity as much as possible. At first glance, it will be like “choose your own adventure”. We already have such options on DVD – films with an alternative end, which depends on the choice of the viewer, so we look forward to making these features in VR.

Some interesting apps for Oculus will be released in the demo version soon. The company always present them at the Electronic Entertainment Expo Tradeshow trade shows.

Today all innovations are extremely popular and some scientists even say about real virtuality. Will humankind stand this trend? Will we need real communication, dating or sex? VR porn can really allow going beyond the limits, choosing plots and scenes, dreaming about new people or creatures. After all, sex has always been an integral part of our lives and the source of inspiration.