Erotic Fantasy & Creativity

Erotica and creativity are connected. Many people who make love with each other have expressed their feelings and talent via art, music, painting with really impressive results!

Love and physical desire can come together in the one person. The psychologists remark that love and sex are linked in people’s minds. However, they are not the same. They may produce different and not connected psychological effects. Actually, they are different ways of perceiving the world.

How It is Working

Romantic love is related to dreamy wishes as well as long-term plans of being together. But lust is more connected with the perception of “here and now”, with a desire to have a sexual activity together. Erotica can combine these both because it’s something in the middle and gives a huge impulse to create very special things. It can be something spiritual like a poem and material like sculpture.

The main questions are the following:

  • What motivates a creative person to constantly turn to erotic fantasy?
  • What is the leading motive in the behavior of a creative person?

A creative individual constantly experiences dissatisfaction, tension, unclear anxiety, revealing, in reality, the lack of clarity, simplicity, order, completeness, and harmony. It is like a barometer, responsive to contradictions, discomfort, and disharmony. With the help of erotic dreams an individual eliminates in his mind (and unconsciously) the disharmony he encounters in everyday life. He builds up a new world in which he feels comfortable and joyful. That is why the process of creativity and its products bring pleasure and require constant renewal.

Gaming Everywhere  

“Creative play” is a lifestyle the highest human needs: Inspiration, excitement, fascination, the intensity of experiences. Please do not confuse this term with sports, gambling, as the latter is held in a specially created setting (sports facilities, casinos, etc.). This very game does not have a specially arranged field. Its stadium is life as such and it serves a direct bridge of fiction from imagination to reality and being the best appreciated only by the players themselves.

Casual sex with a husband or regular partner is not a source of inspiration without hidden feelings, hints and some mystery. Without an intention to go beyond the limits, to ruin stereotypes and accept the body as something unique, it’s impossible to develop your potential in the field of art or any other fruitful activity.

Find new ideas and images in masteries of famous painters who loved life and women. Try to develop own sensitivity and express yourself in any new field of activity.