Contraindications For Sexual Abstinence For Men and Women

Contraindications For Sexual Abstinence For Men and Women

Excessive and prolonged celibacy can have a negative influence on health. Let’s talk about this in details.

Possible Consequences for Men

If there is an excessively long absence of sex, there is a predisposition to early ejaculation. This is not, in fact, a disorder and a sign of any disease, as if the normal rhythm of intimate contact is normalized, but can cause problems psychological nature.

Another sad result can be the fear of sexual intercourse, which is associated with the emerging early expulsion of the seed. A man may begin to think about possible impotence and avoid sexual relations. However, sexologists advise the opposite, to continue lovemaking with a regular partner and try to add variety to them. A loving woman will definitely understand the temporary difficulties of her partner and will help to overcome them.

Some Recommendations for Females

So what about young or mature women? The absence of sexual relations the female body and psyche endure more calmly. This statement is especially true for women after menopause or, on the contrary, for who have not yet reached childbearing age.

As for the other age groups, the following changes may occur:

  • Symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (notorious PMS) will be more pronounced and painful;
  • If sex life has previously been active, and then its regularity has declined, disturbances and restructuring of the menstrual cycle can be observed.

Regarding the allegations that being without coitus for a long time can cause tumors and uterine bleeding, this information should be attributed to the field of speculation, not confirmed by science.

In the psychological aspect, women with high temperament and libido have all the same effects as men: aggression, irritability, frequent mood swings, increased interest in sexual perversions. In addition, on the background of a long absence of sex, passionate women may develop a tendency to nymphomania or simply to promiscuous contacts.

During sexual intercourse in women, a special pleasure hormone is produced, which positively affects the mental state of a woman – it becomes less susceptible to depression and apathy. Nutritionists also have interesting information on this issue. They believe that girls and women who have regular acts of love without long breaks are not prone to gaining excess weight. Since copulating requires a huge energy release. There is also a controversial theory among a number of dermatologists who claim that regular and satisfying sex is the best tool for youth and skin health.


Assessing the above information, you can easily conclude that love and coitus are extremely important things. A man or woman should make a decision about abstinence, based on his temperament, character, inclinations, and state of health. But what is the use of such a decision? It’s a pleasure after all.

Excessive enthusiasm for celibacy can lead to negative consequences. Finally, we will give advice from the sexologists. It will be equally good for him & her: do not practice without a reason a restriction in making love especially in family life. It adversely affects the relations of partners, weakens the connection between them, and causes the desire to seek entertainment and comfort with another person outside the family.